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With Occupy Sandy Relief, Occupy Wall Street Becomes a Movement

“When Occupy Wall Street pitched up at Zucotti Park in New York over a year ago, many people, even those of us involved, doubted it would be much more than a predictable street battle with the cops before we were … Continue reading

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Dangerous charity: NYPD cop’s gift of shoes meets the reality of homelessness

I have been giving interviews on #OccupytheBible, and the more conservative a interviewer is, the more I am challenged on the question of the Jubilee.  Instead, the interviewer tries to argue, ‘Jesus didn’t want us to change society, but just … Continue reading

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Hamburger Heaven, or Hell? Jesus goes to McDonald’s

Fast food workers just went on strike in New York City over the poverty-level wages they are paid. They also said they were striking for their basic human dignity. The combination of part-time work and low wages in the fast-food … Continue reading

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