Jesus goes to Walmart

In #OccupytheBible, I argue that Jesus “organized” workers in the fishing industry around the Sea of Galilee.  Roman occupation had driven a lot of the Jewish fishers into poverty.  As we know, Jesus came out strongly for workers being paid a fair wage, “for the worker deserves his wages.” (Luke 10:7)

Walmart workers are not being paid a fair wage, and creative labor demonstrations around the country are drawing attention to this fact.

Flash mob at a Raleigh, NC Walmart

This is truly a biblical and moral issue.  When workers are not paid a living wage, and then fired unfairly for attempting to organize to get a living wage, their fundamental human dignity is disparaged.

But Jesus went to Walmart in the spirit of justice, as organizers in Raleigh, North Carolina Walmart attempted to deliver 170,000 signatures to petition managers to reinstate employees who had been unfairly fired for daring to try to organize.

As you can see in the video below, workers in the store broke into a flash mob in solidarity, and then walked out. Their message captures the moral dimension of this struggle: “Hey Walmart: RESPECT YOUR WORKERS!!”

Watch until the end, and see what the police do that were called to the scene.  Wonderful.


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I am President Emerita and Professor Emerita of Chicago Theological Seminary; I write for the public here and in local papers. I am interested in what I call "public theology," or how deeper meaning is made and contested in the public square.
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  1. Dan Butler says:

    Huh, can’t watch the video because according to youtube the account associated with the video has been terminated.

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