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Duck, Duck…Goose! The difference between real and fake persecution

Now we have the “War on Christianity” according to right-wing sources. “Phil Robertson and his family believe that A&E [is] discriminating against them for their deeply held ‘Christian beliefs.’” Robertson was suspended from his “reality” TV show, Duck Dynasty, for … Continue reading

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Archbishop Desmond Tutu on forgiveness: “In the end, good prevails”

  YouTube video of Archbishop Tutu on forgiveness The ANC has not invited Archbishop Desmond Tutu to the funeral for Nelson Mandela, apparently because the Archbishop has been very critical of the government.  This slight to Archbishop Tutu reflects poorly … Continue reading

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Soweto and Detroit: Suppose apartheid isn’t past, but future?

I was reading some touching emails from Detroit folks re my recent Huffington Post column, “How Detroit got Scrooged” as media commentators were reporting on the massive memorial service for Nelson Mandela in Soweto. Suddenly it struck me that Americans … Continue reading

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How Detroit got Scrooged: A Christmas story

Last week, Detroit became the largest U.S. city to enter Chapter 9 bankruptcy. Conservatives are blaming unfettered liberalism and especially “unions” for Detroit’s economic woes. This carping is nothing but a prelude to the “cut your way out of bankruptcy” narrative … Continue reading

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Pope Francis is not a Liberation Theologian: Here’s how you can tell

Since Pope Francis issued his “apostolic exhortation,” Evangelii Gaudium, he is being roundly accused, by some American conservatives, of being a “liberation theologian” and a Marxist. Not so, as I argue in my new column at the Huffington Post. Today, … Continue reading

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