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“Trickle Up”: The Theology of Pete Seeger

Did Pete Seeger have a theology? I think so, and it is best captured in a song he wrote toward the end of his life, “God’s Counting on You, God’s counting on me.” There’s theological anthropology, a doctrine of creation, … Continue reading

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Jesus, torture and homophobia in Nigeria

Melissa Block of NPR interviewed Michelle Faul of the Associated Press from Lagos about reports from human rights advocates in Nigeria that dozens of gay men have been arrested under a new law that makes homosexual clubs or associations illegal. … Continue reading

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“God’s Economics”: A Pastoral Letter for 2014

I have been inspired by a Facebook thread to repost this UCC Pastoral Letter I wrote on the church and economics in 2008, at the height of the financial crisis.  The letter is reproduced below. The economic crisis has actually … Continue reading

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