New Social Gospel Reading List

I am teaching this again in the spring of 2019. I will probably update some of this given the current crises and a New Social Gospel analysis, but these are the basics. Suggestions welcome


Child labor in 2nd Industrial Revolution; one goal of Social Gospel was social policy on a minimum age for work.

For all those who have wanted to know what sources I am using in my online class, The New Social Gospel, this spring, here you are:

The class method is taken from Freire. Read definitions.

Susan Thistlethwaite, #OccupytheBible: What Jesus Really Said (and Did) About Money and Power.

This OccupytheBible blog.

The Roosevelt Institute on “The Next American Economy.” 

Walter Rauschenbusch, Christianity and the Social Crisis in the 21 st Century: the Classic That Woke up the Church, ed by Paul Raushenbush.

Washington Gladden and an excellent article on Gladden’s early work and its influence in Social Gospel.

W.E.B. DuBois, The Souls of Black Folk

Gender and the Social Gospel, Wendy Deichmann Edwards and Carolyn De Swarte Gifford

Article on Fr. John Ryan.  This article…

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I am President Emerita and Professor Emerita of Chicago Theological Seminary; I write for the public here and in local papers. I am interested in what I call "public theology," or how deeper meaning is made and contested in the public square.
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  1. boblane says:

    Susan, Thank you for sharing these resources, and for teaching this timely and compelling course. In light of our recent e-conversations, it will not surprise you that my suggestions revolve around the grace of solidarity. In addition to Ada Maria Isasi-Diaz’s article, I’d offer: Rebecca Todd Peters, Soldiarity Ethics: Transformation in a Globalized World Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, The Third Reconstruction: Moral Mondays, Fusion Politics, and the Rise of a New Justice Movement – not as “academic” as other resources, but effective at melding the theology of solidarity with the story of a life lived in the struggle for justice. This is what the new social gospel looks like in action. Thanks again for all your work, Bob

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