Chapter 10: Can the Church #Occupy?

The church is not the #Occupy movement, nor should it try to be. Many faiths as well as people of humanist and secular values are engaged with this broad-based movement.  But #Occupy is a sign to Christians that we need to engage more fully with issues of money and power in our society from the perspective of the Bible than we have been doing.

Some Christians are doing this; more need to join with us.

Religious leaders take a “Golden Calf” to Wall Street to highlight the worship of money and greed in our current economic system.

Americans are becoming ever more “unaffiliated” with the church because it seems hypocritical and out of touch with what is really concerning people today.  But some churches are engaging, as well as new forms of networks and electronic worship communities that are innovative and dynamic.

We engage with our biblical texts and the crisis of money and power in our time not to become either biblical scholars or politicians. We do it to become more decent human beings and faithful disciples who know how to walk the walk and not just talk the talk of faith and life.

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