Chapter 9: #OccupytheApocalypse: Jesus and Economic Justice

Chapter 9 is about how to “#Occupy the Apocalypse.”

The Sermon on the Mount is Jesus’s most important sermon.  In addition, Jesus goes on to teach that when we do or do not care for the “least of these,” the hungry, the homeless poor, and the prisoner, we are doing or not doing that to him.  That’s the real judgment. When we neglect to care for the poor, we are neglecting Jesus himself and we should be judged for that.

People line up to get food

But instead of taking the message that the judgment of Jesus is about what we do here and now, the Christian Right has focused on a coming Rapture, where the true believers will go right up to heaven, and the rest of us will be “left behind.”

The “Rapture”


But the real message of Jesus today is that the poor and the middle class are the ones being “left behind” in this economy, and the real Apocalypse, the crushing amount of debt accumulated by two wars and a big tax cut for the rich, is already upon us.  We need to #Occupy the Apocalypse in order to take back the real message of Jesus on judgment on extremes of wealth and poverty, and how we need to all care for each other.

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