Week 1: Getting to Know Our Economy and Our Bible

Week 1: Getting to Know Our Economy and Our Bible

You will need a computer, a projector and a screen.

1.  Seeing It:


2. How it feels: Stories about families in this economy


Discuss the role of the teacher. What does it mean to “give each other a voice”?

3. Are we losing a generation?  The Student Loan Debt Crisis


Are you a student in debt or do you know students in debt?  How are they doing?

4.  The Jubilee in biblical times and today

Read aloud: Deuteronomy 15: 1-6; Luke 4:16-19


5. What does Jesus want us to do about the economy?

Discuss the videos in light of the Bible readings.  Does the biblical teaching make you think differently about the voices in the videos?  Why or why not?


Read Chapter 1, “Reading the Bible from the Streets” in #OccupytheBible.

In addition read the short biblical texts in italics at the beginning of each chapter of #OccupytheBible, starting with Chapter 2.  As you have time, start reading the whole Gospel of Mark.  Be sure to get a New Revised Standard Version.

The New Revised Standard Version

Read “About the New Revised Standard Version” and be prepared to discuss ‘Does it make a difference to me what Bible translation I use and why?’

Also, this week, as you walk, take the bus or drive around, observe your own community.  Are there more foreclosure signs?  Abandoned properties?  Are there jobs available in your neighborhood (some newspaper or online research is necessary here) and what do they pay?

Make notes of what you find and bring your notes to Bible study class to discuss.

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