Week 3: Temptation

Week 3: Temptation

1. Who is the Devil?

Someone in the group should read Matthew 4:1-11 aloud from the beginning of Chapter 2 in #OccupytheBible.


Elaine Pagels talks about Satan as representing “all too human conflict.”   How is Matthew 4:1-11 about “all too human conflict” in your view?

2. Temptation, or, You’ve Really Got to Want It for Something to Be Temptation

Really good chocolate

A pack of cigarettes

Which one tempts you more? What image would you put for temptation? Why is this temptation for you?

3. Why Doesn’t God Always Show Up When We’re in Trouble?

Where is God when injustice and even violence is happening to good people?

Violent techniques used on peaceful protestors in 1963

4.  The Temptation to Overreach

UC Davis policeman pepper sprays peaceful students

The “tempter” overreaches and helps with “his” own destruction.  Read and discuss #OccupytheBible paragraphs on the 2nd century theologian, Irenaeus and how he thought God defeats the devil.  Do you agree or disagree?


Read Chapters 3 and 6 in #OccupytheBible.

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